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Patient Testimonials

We pride ourselves on being understanding, caring, effective and our team is always passionate about helping our patients every step of the way. We are proud to share some of the feedback we have received from our patients.

Google review 

"The receptionist Rachel is very helpful, kind and understanding. When I had a question about something all I had to do was ring up and ask and I would get the answers I needed and any support I needed. Rachel is very understanding and always tries her best to ensure I had all the information that I was asking about and that I understood clearly. The doctor I saw Dr Rehman was very kind, efficient with appointments, and a very good doctor, she explained everything in great detail and when I had any questions she would answer these and ensured I had clear understanding. She gave me options for the treatments and explained each option well. This was great as I felt as if I had more control over my own treatment. I saw Dr Jacob for one of my appointments and he was also very good, he ensured I was stable and happy with how the treatment was going before referring me back to the GP. He also explained that even while I'm receiving the treatment through my GP if I have any questions or concerns I can ring the clinic and will be able to easily speak to someone or get an appointment. This gives me confidence that if I do have any problems I can still get the help from the clinic. The clinic also tailored my appointments to fit in with my work schedule so I wouldn’t have to take time off work. Overall I had a great experience with this clinic and all the staff and doctors are lovely and always try their best to help you, I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking for an ADHD diagnosis or ADHD treatment."

Google review 

“My brother has been battling with opioid and crack addiction for over 20 years. Typical opioid treatment has always felt restrictive to him due to supervised consumption and he's never really engaged with a program. I heard about Buvidal  and knew this drug would really benefit my brother. One injection a month once stable and no need for daily trips to the chemist, he just had to try it. We booked with Jacobs Clinic and within a week my brother was stable on subutex, opiate and crack free and ready for his first injection. The assessment was easy. My brother felt heard and respected. He started Buvidal and we'd like to thank you Jacobs Clinic.”

Feedback from ADHD patient

“From the first contact with Rachel to my most recent discussion with Dr Jacob, I've received excellent care throughout the process. Considering how difficult and emotionally exhausting the process of getting an ADHD diagnosis is they've been nothing but professional, patient, friendly and courteous throughout. I was extremely anxious about the process but I've been very well looked after every step of the way. My diagnosis and subsequent treatment could well prove to be a genuinely pivotal moment in my life and I cannot thank them enough.”

Feedback from patient

"This service is incredibly professional and takes a very patient and human approach to treatment. It has been very encouraging from the start to see how careful and thorough everything has been with regards to selecting appropriate treatment and ensuring it's safety. I feel confident in trusting this service."

Google Review

From ADHD patient 

"Accessing ADHD services should always be as kind, straightforward and human as my experience has been at Jacobs Clinic. Communication was clear, all promises were kept and decisions were made by having actual conversations with humans - rather than by having to interact with a faceless system. I cannot recommend this clinic more highly."

Google Review

"The team have gone above and beyond to help me. They guided me through the process excellently and they were extremely professional when interacting with them."

Patient Feedback

"I am so happy with Jacobs Clinic. Dr Rehman was very patient and understanding.  I will recommend this service to anyone. "

Google Review

From ADHD patient 

"I went here for ADHD assessment and treatment through referral from my GP. Doctor assessing and prescribing medication was kind, and clearly cared about providing me with the right care and support. Ensured I was happy with my care plan and worked with me to tinker anything before transferring me back to GP care."

Google Review

From ADHD patient 

"The team at Jacobs Clinic have been really helpful and supportive, especially with arranging appointments and prescriptions. The medical secretary has been super helpful and is always very considerate. I was seen within two weeks of making contact and had my assessment."

Google review 

From Patient who had Painkiller Addiction Detox Treatment

“Found it hard to say the words about Dr Jacob and his assistant Rachel who have had a massive impact in my life even if they don’t realise it, they have single handed got me from being addicted to painkillers for 10 years to not having a single one in 3 months with minimal suffering. I cannot recommend them highly enough and I will be forever grateful.”

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We work closely with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure we are providing a high standard of care to meet your medical and wellbeing needs. The CQC team are always interested in receiving any feedback about the clinic. Please leave feedback by clicking on the link below and following the instructions:

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