Home alcohol detox

If you drink alcohol regularly and if you are struggling to stop alcohol use on your own, a medically assisted alcohol detox [Librium] should  be considered. Most alcohol detoxes can be done at home with the support of family or a friend who can monitor your medication for you. 

However, if you drink more than 30 units a day and have had withdrawal seizures recently ,you would require inpatient detox, for which we can refer you to another provider. 

After an initial telephone triage, there will be a comprehensive face to face assessment with a specialist doctor who will then arrange for home detox. Once the detox starts there will be daily monitoring by a specialist doctor remotely online. Supportive counselling during and after the detox can be arranged with a therapist. 

Benefits of Home alcohol detox

  • Full abstinence within 8 days.

  • Cheaper than inpatient detox and rehab.

  • Treatment will be managed and led by specialist doctors.

  • Private, confidential and discreet treatment.

  • Relapse prevention medications like Acamprosate, Naltrexone, Disulfiram can be initiated and maintained.